EU Mediterrani has started on April 26 a new edition of the French DFP exams that the students of Degree in Tourism of the centre have included in their tourism career. EU Mediterrani has been a pioneer, as an exam center for the professional French diploma (dfp) of the French CCI in Barcelona and on this occasion the General Director Mr. Philippe Saman, the Chamber staff in charge of the examinations, the examiners were present and the General Director of EU Mediterrani Mr. Eulogio Arza. The 67 candidates from the 2019 session have been examined using computer support but have also had to face a court of accredited teachers. This exam comes to crown four training courses in the field of Tourism French. The candidates have been able to verify the good training received by the French department that has considered them very well prepared to pass this external exam. The title will be granted both physically and numerically, to allow students to prove the validity of a degree that has no expiration date to companies in the professional market that request it.