With the support of l’Escola Universitària Mediterrani Dr. Gaspar Berbel has published in October his last book. Next October 18 (2015) will be available the first edition of “Keys and tools of statistics. For tourism and social sciences”. It will be possible to buy in Mediterrani’s reception, until there becomes exhausted the first issue of 100 copies, once exhausted it will be possible buy in Amazon – from October 28. Dates can change.

It is a book directed to students – principally of tourism-, to teachers and investigators who need to understand the keys to design a study or investigation, to gather information, to design surveys – presentials or online – to describe distributions (esteeming punctual and / or graficar), to realize inferences (across intervals or tests of relation), to gather information and to import them to SPSS or Stata, to design a sampling, to get in the modeling of information. Definitively, to deal a course of statistics, to refresh knowledge, to know how the SPSS or Stata works, to describe and to analyze information of a TFG, to investigate or to realize reports or publications of investigation.

The structure of every chapter begins with the description of the aims, theoretical explanations – to basic level and to more advanced level-, examples and decisive exercises, sequence of the procedures statistical and exits interpreted – both in SPSS and in Stata, links to videos with which to follow and to answer all the realized procedures how the procedure is realized and how interprets, in both software-, final autoevaluations of every chapter, and a link to contact the author and to request him the extra materials of the manual – as the counterfoil of information with the one that one works during the whole work in order that anyone could answer the tests or procedures, the complete links to every resource or video, the correction of the autoevaluations, beside thinking about the manual or requesting other resources.

The book gathers the experience and Gaspar Berbel’s path, as teacher, and as creator of multitude of tools and materials directed to his pupils – of tourism (UdG, University School Mediterrani), of psychology (UAB and UNED), of CC of the work (UOC), of economic (UNAL), between other groups. From 1990.