From February, 2009 the University School Mediterrani destines 0,7 % of the amount of the enrollments of the center to the Fundación Más Árboles (Foundation More Trees). The purpose of this pioneering contribution in our country is that we all manage to live in a more sustainable planet, for this reason EU Mediterrani contributes with this foundation with the aim of the plantation of trees in different points of the geography improving this way the environment and compensating a part of the CO2 emissions of the center. On Thursday, the 17th of December EU Mediterrani delivered the check with the economic contribution of this year to Mr Sylvain Juille, Delegated of the Fundación Más Árboles in Catalonia who was useful to comment to our pupils the importance, also socially, of the plantation of trees, inviting all the pupils of EU Mediterrani to take part in a plantation.