On Monday December 19, EU Mediterrani has delivered the first of two prizes of 300 euros for the best viral Marketing video made by the students of the Degree in Tourism, specifically, in the subject of Innovation of products and tourism resources directed by Dr. Enric Serradell. The objective of this contest is to demonstrate the function of Viral Marketing awarding the video that has achieved the maximum of “likes” within social networks. How in the last editions there has been one winner for each group of the subject. The winners of the first group, with the video titled “Meet me in Barcelona” https://youtu.be/jxdrlhahl08 which has obtained 1013 views and 343 Likes they have been: Laura Fernández Martín, Laia Osuna Ferré, Anna Vallhonesta Lagarriga, Ingrid Vazuquez Ventura and Judith Vilalta Marcara. The winners of the second group with the video entitled “Get on the wave, Barcelona” https://youtu.be/ujjm34u8xrw which has obtained 1195 visualizations and 334 Likes have been: Cristina Canales Muñoz, Núria Lindez Cabanes and Javier Sonsona González. It is necessary to mention that each of the two prizes of 300 euros are given to the NGOs or social causes that decide the winning students. Congratulations!!