Wednesday the 16th and Monday the 21st of December EU Mediterrani delived a total of 300 Euros on prizes to both better videos of viral marketing realized by the pupils of the subject of “innovation in products and tourist resources” given inside the Degree in Tourism. This year 2015 the winners have been: Group A and prize of 300 Euros for Maria Madrid, Group B and prize of 300 Euros for Laia Volart, Mireia Sànchez and Maria Vallespí. The viral videos are those that for diverse reasons obtain million visualizations though in many cases there are not known well the reasons for which a video turns in viral. The videos presented to contest have to have a maximum duration of 2 minutes and 30 seconds and have to be innovative and creative, but based in some topic related to the tourist sector: persons, places things, ideas, feelings etc. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS!!!