On Thursday, the 22nd of October, 2015 we celebrated at 19 hours in the audience of the building ONCE (Gran Via, 400 of Barcelona) the inaugural act of the course 2015/16 and the conclusion of the course 2014/15 of the University School Mediterrani, center assigned to the UdG. To the event ther was the assistance of approximately 400 people between students, teachers, relatives of pupils and managerial body of the center. Forthwith also one proceeded to the delivery of the “Mediterrani Award” to all the University Graduates and titled in Vocational Education & Training. It is necessary to emphasize also the participation of Ms Vanessa Requena Arnau Responsible for the Office of Direction of the Airport of Barcelona-El Prat that gave an interesting Inaugural Lesson, and also the presence of the Vicerrector of de UdG Dr. Frances Roca. On having finished the act one offered a cocktail to all the assistants.