The 2020 CompanyGame Challenge reaches its eighth edition presenting itself as an activity complementary or reinforcement for teachers and students, especially attractive in this global contingency situation. CompanyGame invited the Escola Universitaria Mediterrani to participate in the 8th Challenge Iberoamerican in Business Simulation, demonstrating his talent and great academic quality of the University. In this edition, more than 2,500 students from more than 200 universities and 18 countries have learned to compete, while preparing to be future managers. Spain has been one of the countries with more representation with more than 250 students behind Mexico (1100) and Colombia (500). More than 200 teachers and 2,500 students from 18 countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela) countries have accepted the challenge of learn to compete and demonstrate your entrepreneurial skills and abilities, as well as training quality of its educational institutions. The participation of students from different countries and areas of study favors the exchange of ideas, multicultural training and international recognition of talent academic. —-

To select the best teams from the Escola Universitaria Mediterrani to compete in Challenge 2020, an internal competition was held in which more than 90 students selected, accompanied by Phd Monica Munoz, competed with the simulator FoodCompany business, focusing its action on quality, marketing and commercialization of consumer products, applying the knowledge acquired in the classroom. The teacher received a personalized training so that he could guide and accompany his students during the competition. NP3_Reto2020CompanyGame_GanadoresFCategorías

The teams with the best scores were invited to participate in the Challenge Category Phase 2020 CompanyGame, in which 393 teams divided between the 5 categories competed vailable: Business, Marketing, Finance, Hospitality and Banking. Finally 2 teams, Grup 1-EUM and Grup 2-EUM, competed in the hotel category, taking command of a hotel chain with the HotelCompany simulator. They measured their forces with more than 60 teams from 42 universities in 9 countries. I end up leading the ranking a team from the Francisco de Vitoria University (Spain). In the Business category, with the BusinessGlobal simulator, more than 140 teams competed from 76 universities and 11 countries, managed a company, focusing on the process of globalization in the different links of the value chain. Students of the University Simon Bolivar (Colombia) finally got the first position in the ranking. In the Marketing area, 85 teams from 42 universities from 9 countries participated. The students they measured their management skills with the TechCompany simulator, focusing their performance in the design, marketing and commercialization of products. The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru was finally the one who led the category. In the Banking category, in which the students faced the challenge of managing an entity bank with the BankCompany simulator, a total of 33 teams from 15 universities competed from 5 countries. Students from the Technological Institute of Veracruz (Mexico) led the competition. Finally, in the Finance category, 70 teams from 42 universities and 10 countries competed, with the Corbatul simulator, testing your financial skills by taking on tasks of the economic-financial direction of a company that produces and markets clothing for men. A team from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon reached the first position. After the category phase, the 2020 Challenge Champion remains to be known. The 2 have been invited best teams in each category to participate in the last phase with the Global 2030 simulator, a simulator based on internationalization and in which the financial management of companies of the group, the strategic direction, the positioning of the products and the management of operations are fundamental factors. The best classified will opt for one of the scholarships offered by UFV – International Business School to pursue postgraduate studies at its Madrid campus and thus be able to continue putting into practice the decision-making and leadership that they have been demonstrating during the contest. Students will compete with students from universities in Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Peru. The competition seeks to highlight and enhance the talent of the students, offering them a international experience and close to the world of work, which will soon be incorporated: students are training managers who also need training. Simulators reproduce real cases, allowing to apply and develop knowledge and skills. According the tutor of the runner-up of the 2019 Challenge, Professor Alfonso Infante of the University of Huelva, “It is a very positive tool that allows students to put into practice the acquired knowledge and be better prepared for the world of work”. In previous editions, more than 12,000 students and 600 universities have participated, becoming the benchmark business simulation competition in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

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