At the Mediterrani University School we are very pleased to have been able to give almost 20% more of accommodation grants than the previous year, specifically during this 2019-2020 academic year we have awarded 49 scholarships to the 41 granted last year. If we look at the data we will see that the applications for housing scholarships have grown year after year, a fact that makes it clear that more and more students are coming from outside the province of Barcelona who choose EU Mediterrani to pursue their Tourism, Marketing or Logistics degree. This year there have been 19 students from the Girona area, 12 from Tarragona and 10 from Lleida, but we have also had students from the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Huesca, Andorra and even Italy. The Mediterrani accommodation scholarship was created with the aim of helping students bear the cost of accommodation in Barcelona while they study with us and it is a unique aid of 525 euros, provided that the requirements indicated into the bases that we publish on the Mediterrani website and that basically consist of being registered outside the province of Barcelona and demonstrating an accommodation expense when the course is carried out. With this action, EU Mediterrani adds this scholarship to the rest of internal grants that we offer to our students thanks to our Scholarship Service. such as the family scholarship, friends scholarship, library scholarship, scholarship for academic excellence and all the necessary advice to also process the public scholarships of the Ministry of Education and Agaur.