EU. Mediterrani delivers one year more the prizes of Viral Marketing, endowed with 500 euros given in two prizes of 250 euros each, to the pupils of Degree in Tourism that they have developed a video destined for the tourist promotion of Barcelona, inside the subject of Innovation of Products and Tourist Resources directed by the Doctor Enric Serradell. The first winning video of this edition 2014-15 takes for title TRIP TO BARCELONA and has been realized by Lazy Laia Pitarch, Anna Poll Nueno, and the pupil of Erasmus Magali de Haes, using the technology of the stop motion: The other video winner takes for title CALDES DE MONTBUI, EL POBLE QUE BULL and has been realized by Gemma Badia Martí, pupil of third course:  From Mediterrani we want to emphasize the high quality of all the presented works and are useful to congratulate the winner pupils and to all the participants.