The Mediterrani University School, center attached to the UdG in the IV Scientific-Technical Conferences on Tourism Research Organized by the Spanish Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism (AECIT)

EU Mediterrani organized the III Scientific-Technical Conferences on Tourism Research in July 2015 with an extraordinary success of speakers, public and communications (105 participants, 2 conferences and 52 presentations)

This year has been the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia which has organized four conferences focused on research opportunities in Europe and the publication of research. There have also been 40 presentations.

Dr. Elena Puiggròs (representing the Group of Research Image Satisfaction and Tourist Behavior (ISTB) group recognized by the UdG) and Dr. Gaspar Berbel (representing the Research Group of the Monetització de Periodisme, Màrqueting i Turisme Digital (SIMPED ), Presented two papers: Decentralization of tourism in Barcelona and Catalonia (Puiggròs) and Online consumption: habits, trends, motives and triggers (Berbel)

The Communication of Elena Puiggròs with the title “Decentralization of tourism in Barcelona and Catalonia” presented the study being carried out by ISTB and which has had the collaboration of students from EU Mediterrani as (in alphabetical order) Carlos Núñez, Joana Ripoll and Julen Tudela.

The communication of Gaspar Berbel with the title of “Online consumption: habits, trends, motives and triggers” is part of the research carried out within SIMPED

The IV Scientific-Technical Conference on Tourism Research has been a perfect scenario to present research and results that are executed from several universities in the country; Interact with other researchers; Listen to other national and international experiences; To the time have been useful to know new trends and opportunities in tourist research.