Today 02/20/2019 we have been visited two alumni to explain their professional experience. Alina made internships thanks to the agreement that EU Mediterrani signed with Hosco, the largest employment platform in Tourism and today is where she works. In addition to explaining her experience in the company, she has also given us an internship offer. Nuria finished last year the Degree in Marketing and has taken the opportunity to explain tips and anecdotes related to the subject of web design, where students are required to find a real customer and develop a web portal during the semester.

In addition, by chance, we have also been visited by a former student of web and Social Media, Guillem Monterde who has explained to third-year students how he is getting clients and creating websites today. He has also made recommendations to the students of the Social Media and Web subjects to take advantage of the subjects and think about how to take advantage of the economy.