On Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 7:00 p.m., the graduation ceremony of the 2015-19 graduates in Marketing and graduates in Tourism of the Mediterrani University School, centre attached to the University of Girona, was held at the AXA auditorium in Barcelona. With a full auditorium, the event was attended by more than 500 people including students, teachers, students’ families and the governing body of the centre. The table was chaired by the General Director of EU Mediterrani, Mr Eulogio Arza, the Vice Chancellor of Communication and External Relations of the University of Girona, PhD Jose Antonio Donaire, the Academic Director of EU Mediterrani, PhD Blanca Braut, the Coordinator from the Department of Languages ​​PhD Arnaud Laygues, the Coordinator of the English and Examination area of ​​Cambridge, Mrs Meritxell Copeiro and the Godmother of the event, the Director of the company Creando Realidades, Mrs Raquel Díaz, from whom we want to highlight the magnificent setting on stage of her speech that was long and intense and accompanied at all times by the music that a pianist played live, clarifying the contents of a message full of phrases that encouraged new graduates to develop their talent in every way. During the event we also want to highlight the participation of PhD Donaire, who made an emotional speech, remembering that the UdG is the Catalan University that has more centres attached in Catalonia and mentioning that they are especially proud of EU Mediterrani, and in line with his words also described the activity of the Graduates in Tourism as the “management of Happiness” and that of the Graduates in Marketing as the “art of valuing the hidden beauty of things”, in addition PhD Donaire was also in charge to deliver the deserved “Mediterrani Awards” to all graduate students. To end the event, the General Director of Mediterrani congratulated the new graduates and encouraged them to continue training to reach the highest levels of excellence, closing the event with an invitation to the cocktail that took place next.