Elisabet Mateu, Marketing Director of the company “Bluephage” (https://www.bluephage.com/) gave a talk to the students of the subject of “Product and Brand Development” on November 19 Degree in Marketing on the process of development, design, launch, positioning and internationalization of the products of your company, in addition to providing your experience on how the day to day work of a marketing director in your sector. This Catalan company, which has developed an innovative technology for analyzing the microbiological quality of water that allows detecting possible contamination and quantifying it in less than four hours (compared to the more than forty-eight hours currently needed to do this type of analysis), operates commercially worldwide and is currently preparing the assault on the markets of the United States and Australia. The students and the teacher of the subject thank Elisabet for her wonderful talk and we hope she continues to collaborate with Mediterrani, because her testimony is always very interesting for the training of our students.