Dr. Maria Palacín will give a presentation on EU Mediterrani on Thursday 2 March. Professor of the UB, a psychologist, expert in leadership, she is the director of the third cycle program Self-leadership and Conducting Groups that is a specialist in intervention and group research, a pioneering program in our country and one of the few that exist internationally.

This conference is framed, as every year, within the subject of Human Resources of EU Mediterrani, and tries to open to the reality of professionals of the human factor. This initiative is presented as an opportunity to know realities from the hands of experts and protagonists, with dynamic sessions where students are an active part and have the opportunity to access new knowledge and experiences.

These scheduled sessions begin on Thursday 02/03/2017, with the students of the Degree in Marketing. The purpose of the session is to review the different leadership profiles they can have, to identify our own – through dynamics and exercises – and to know the keys to leading work groups.

During the course, it is also planned to visit leading experts in quality-strategy, wine tourism, self-management, startups, coaching and leadership, and ICT in the processes of transformation and learning of the human factor.