Guidance services

Personal Orientation and Coaching Service (POCS)

What is coaching and what is it for?

Coaching is a process that aims to obtain the maximum development of the person, whether in the academic, personal and / or professional field.

It is a process of personal growth that can help you get to know yourself and become aware of your structure to achieve your goals and improve your quality of life.

The Coach is the person who accompanies the person (coachee) in their personal and professional development.
Doing a coaching process can allow you to broaden your view or “focus” and obtain new opportunities for action.

When and how can I do a Coaching session?

Coaching sessions can be held on Tuesdays at the headquarters (c / Rocafort) in person or online on the same day or on other days of the week.

To request information or request a first session you just have to write an e-mail to the address:

Who can access the Coaching service?

The Coaching service is aimed at the Mediterrani community; Students, former students, University workers and professors can use the service.

It is important that you know what:

. Coaching is a temporary process; With a beginning and an end.
. Coaching is not psychotherapy.
. Coaching promotes the active participation of the coachee.
. The relationship and the content that is generated to the sessions is confidential.
. The coaching is oriented in the investigation and achievement of your objectives.
. Coaching uses NLP methodology, conversation / questions.
. We explore beliefs, values, strengths and limitations.
. Coaching is about unfolding your potential in order to achieve success and improve your quality of life.

I wait for you!!

Marta Aparicio.
Mediterranean University School Coach.