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The Tourism Degree of University School Mediterrani is one of the formations with more opportunities in a leading city in the tourism sector such as Barcelona. If you are interested in acquiring management skills for positions in the tertiary sector companies anywhere in the world, enrol in Tourism Degree.

Why the Tourism Degree

The labor market in this sector is among the few that has continued to offer opportunities in recent years and received positive feedback in terms of growth. The latest data from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism show that tourism in Spain is at its best, both in number of international arrivals, and inner movement. In 2016, the autonomous region has received more international tourists was Catalonia. In addition, it is expected further improve these figures in the coming years.

If you are interested in tourism, hotel and restaurant projects and want to receive training that enables you aspire to the best jobs in the sector with a language preparation that will open the doors to the international market, without forgetting the new technologies of the internet (you will enjoy a portable Apple gift and habitual use in the classrooms) make your enrollment in the Degree of Tourism College Mediterrani.

Professional outings

Data sheet

  • Name of the study: Degree in Tourism
  • University Preinscription Code: 81038
  • Branch of knowledge: Social and Legal Sciences
  • Duration: 4 years
  • European credits: 240
  • Degree Title Obtained: Graduated in Tourism by the University of Girona
  • Orientative number of places: 120


Formació bàsica (FB) 66 crèdits
Formació obligatoria (FO) 106 crèdits
Asignatures optatives (AO) 33 crèdits
Pràctiques externes 12 crèdits
Reconeiximent acadèmic 6 crèdits
Treball Final de Grau (TFG) 15 crèdits
Total: 240 crèdits* ECTS* dividits en 4 anys

** European Credit Transfer System, el sistema de crèdits de reconeixement en la Unión Europea


First course

Second course

Fourth course

Professional skills

General and specific skills that students must acquire during the studies, the fulfillment of which required to grant the title:

  1. Acquire basic knowledge in the disciplines studying tourism
  2. Analyze, synthesize and interpret tourism
  3. Assess the activity itself and own learning and develop strategies for improvement
  4. Use English and other foreign language
  5. Select and use information technologies and the most appropriate to each communication situation
  6. Collect and select information effectively and efficiently
  7. Prevent and solve problems, conflicts and make decisions
  8. Teaming, establishing relationships that can help bring out more potential for cooperation and maintain a continuous basis.
  9. Have ability to personal relationships in any context and situation
  10. Analyze the ethical implications of tourism
  11. Designing creative proposals, have initiative and entrepreneurship.
  12. Coordinate and lead projects work or other activities
  13. Identify relevant elements from other cultures and the diversity of customs.
  14. Analyze and reflect on the transverse dimension of tourism and its evolving nature.
  15. Identify and understand the main tourist agents
  16. Define objectives, strategies and policies on tourism
  17. Communicate orally and in writing
  18. To analyze the impacts generated by tourism
  19. To analyze the operation and procedure of the various areas of tourism
  20. To analyze the characteristics and management initiatives, management and tourism planning
  21. Use the terminology and language of the various tourist areas
  22. critically analyze various tourism activities
  23. Use techniques, methods and basic models of tourism disciplines
  24. Read, understand and comment on scientific texts
  25. To assess the sustainability of their own proposals and actions


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