Higher degree in

Marketing and Advertising

At EUM we train you to become a marketing and advertising technician. With the knowledge and skills we offer to you, you will obtain the necessary techniques to develop operational positions in marketing, advertising and sales.

Why the Certificate of Higher Education in Marketing and Advertising

With this course you will be able to work in marketing strategy teams, commercial research, digital marketing, advertising campaign management and public relations and social networks.

Studying to become a good marketing and advertising technician with our Certificate of Higher Education will open doors in many departments, not only in advertising and marketing, but also in sales departments, whether in an advertising agency or in sectors such as textiles, tourism or automotive.

Data sheet

  • Name of the Study: Higher Degree in Marketing and Advertising
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Title (s) to which it gives right: Higher Techincian in Marketing and Advestising
  • Indicative number of places: 30
  • Hours: Mornings

And also...



Studying at this centre has been a great experience, as from the very first moment I have felt completely welcomed by all the teachers and staff and by its magnificent facilities. It is incredible to be able to learn in a CFGS from university professors and entrepreneurs who speak from their own experience. In addition to learning in the classroom, I am learning from the experience of being able to practice as part of the Community Manager Team scholarship managing the university's social networks.

Sara Delas

Student of 2nd HNC Marketing and Advertising

Know me

It is a very familiar centre, the atmosphere with teachers and people in general is incredible, you feel like at home. They also help you to make a lot of progress both academically and in the workplace.

Álex Lage

Alumni HNC Marketing and Advertising

Know me

My experience in EUM being my first year of CFGS in marketing and advertising has been very good and I met a lot of people, very nice both students and teachers, I liked the facilities of the centre, I find it comfortable to do my work and eat at break time. And also EUM has helped me to learn and have more analytical skills.

Omi Azzouz

Student of 2nd HNC Marketing and Advertising

Know me

I am very happy to be studying at EUM, as it gives you a unique experience. The treatment, comfort and knowledge are unique.

Rubén Murillo

Student of 2nd HNC Marketing and Advertising

EUM is a place that provides learning and experience. The attention to the students is excellent and the atmosphere is very good. I advise anyone who has doubts or not, to develop, at least, an educational stage in the centre. You will not regret it.

María Rodríguez

Student of 2nd HNC Marketing and Advertising

My experience studying at this school is very positive. Good facilities and good teachers. It is true that it is a bit hard at the beginning, but I am enjoying it a lot. In conclusion, very satisfied.

Emilio Miranda

Student of 2nd HNC Marketing and Advertising

Know me

I really like the facilities, the atmosphere in class and the teachers.

Ada Castro

Student of 2nd HNC Marketing and Advertising

The school is very modern and in very good condition. The teachers take great care of the students and the school has a very good academic program.

Geremias Bustos

Student of 2nd HNC Marketing and Advertising