Certificate of higher education in which you will learn and improve sales techniques in tour packages


Name of the study: Vocational Trainning Course of Travel Agencies and Event Management

Duration: 2 years

Title (s) to which it gives right: Higher Technician in Travel Agencies and Event Management

Indicative number of places: 30

The Certificate of Higher Education in travel and event management offering School University Mediterrani is the perfect opportunity to become a professional technician is one of the most important branches of tourism. Programming , trips and manage all kinds of events… you will learn and improve your sales techniques in tour packages and organize events for all sectors.


In Mediterrani we form you to be superior technician in agencies and event management. You will be able to program package travel, conferences, trade fairs, conventions and other tourist services. You will also develop administrative tasks to meet business, legal and economic requirements. And you will learn to manage the entire after-sales service to provide the best treatment to your customers, making them recurring. We also include a 30-hour tour guide totally free with which you will improve your professional skills and thus increase your opportunities.


With your enrollment for Certificate of Higher Education of travel agencies and event management you get totally FREE:

  • A full course of 30 hours of Tourist Guide valued at 200 €. Thanks to this course you will be better trained and prepared for employment
  • Specialized coaching sessions and tutorials to motivate and guide students throughout the course.
  • Better preparation and greater likelihood of employment.
  • Consulting and recognized companies search for training and employment. We have a job placement office with more than 2200 companies.
  • 10-storey building in the center of Barcelona , facilities and services fully updated and prepared for our students.
  • 30 years of experience in the tourism sector and 3 quality certifications (IQNet, AENOR, AQU).

OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE DEGREE: All Students receive the official title awarded by the Generalitat of Catalonia after overcoming the Higher Degrees taught at the EU Mediterrani.


You can enroll at Certificate education travel agencies and event management in EU Mediterrani if you meet any of the following requirements:

  • Having the high school diploma,
  • Having passed a specific course for access to Certificate of Higher Education (HNC) according to the attended one option,
  • Having the title of technician, senior technician or equivalent,
  • Having passed the second year of high school of any modality,
  • Having passed the university orientation course (COU ) or pre-university,
  • Having any university degree or equivalent, or
  • Having passed the entrance exam at the university for over 25 years.

People who do not meet requirements mentioned must pass an entrance test. To apply must be at least 19 years in the year in which the test is done, or 18 if you have a technical degree related to the cycle that want to access.

If you need more information about Certificate education in travel agencies and event management, validations, cutting note, etc., you can contact us via the form or by telephone within office hours.

Career prospects

People who exceed the Certificate education obtain the title of senior technical or senior technician, and it allows them to access :

Any official university degree study in the same sector.
And the world of work, such as:

  • Head office travel agency.
  • Department head in travel agency.
  • Travel agent.
  • Travel consultant.
  • Organizing events and conferences.
  • Seller travel services and scheduled trips.
  • Promoter of tourism services and travel.
  • Reservations department employee.

Professional profile

The student acquires the ability to solve problems in the workplace . Must be organized , a team player , be understandable and have verbal fluency.
You should have an interest in trade and sales, customer care and counseling and administrative issues.


Enrolment dates for next year 2019/20 are open.


Educational project

Academic calendars:

Academic calendar 2019-20.Second Year. Alumnes segon curs:

Class Schedule:

Travel agency. second year.



Programacions cfs agències de viatges_curs2

Exam calendars:

Exam calendar. trimester 1. 2019-20



Protocol and Public Relations 132 hours
Tourism marketing 132 hours
Touristic destinations 165 hours
Management of tourism products 99 hours
Sale of tourist services 198 hours
Address tourist intermediation entities 165 hours
English 132 hours
Second foreign language 132 hours
Project of travel agencies and event management 99 hours
Training and Guidance 99 hours
Tourism Market Structure 99 hours
Tourism resources 165 hours
Enterprise and entrepreneurship 66 hours
Formation in work centers 350 hours

Total: The certificate education time is 2,000 hours (1,650 hours in our center and 350 hours in a work center as a trainee) in 2 academic years.
This certificate education replaces the old cycle travel agency (LOGSE).


“Intelligence is not only knowledge, but the skill to apply it in practice” (Aristotle).

For this reason, for more than 30 years, in EU Mediterrani we have tried that our students can put into practice, as soon as possible, everything learned in the classrooms. For this we have an experienced team of practices coordinators who work with the most excellent companies and organizations.

“Study at the Escola Universitària Mediterrani, means join in to a world full of opportunities”. Marc Sancho, Hotel Manager Axel Hotel Barcelona & Urban Spa.

How do our students value the practices in EU Mediterrani?

Between excellent and good

Training in company

The Training in companies are Practices and non-work training stays carried out by the students of Vocational Training lessons in work centers through a collaboration agreement signed between the school and the company.
These practices are part of the educational (curricular) program of these studies.

What do they suppose for the students?
Knowledge of the world of work and of the company.
The possibility of being in contact with the most advanced technology.
Completion of their vocational training with the objective of training to incorporate into the labor market.
Obtain training adapted to specific places of work.
The approach to business culture.
Experience in the workplace as a step prior to the first occupation.


Mònica Rius Bonet
Mònica Rius Bonet
Degree in English Studies
Stéphanie Badey
Stéphanie Badey
Degree in Spanish Philology
Iratxe Aragón Nicolás
Iratxe Aragón Nicolás
Degree in Tourism
Lluïsa Molano Cerro
Lluïsa Molano Cerro
Diploma in Tourism. Card Professional Guide Regional Guide Catalonia and Barcelona. Trainer Occupational Training.
Anna García González
Anna García González
Master in Economics. Diploma in Tourism. Degree in Economics. SME Management Consultant. Professor University of Barcelona
Francisco Delgado Zamorano
Francisco Delgado Zamorano
Diploma in Tourism. Degree in Geography and History. Handling Care Flight Trainer in Spain
Neus Agut López
Neus Agut López
Law Degree. Own law office.
Elena Puiggròs Roman
Elena Puiggròs Roman
PhD in Sociology. Degree in Geography and History. University professor since 1998
Mónica Muñoz González
Mónica Muñoz González
Doctor in Humanities. Diploma in Tourism. Master in Communication and Tourism Marketing. BA ( Hons ) in Tourism Management. Official Tourist Guide Catalonia
Anna Buj Casanovas
Anna Buj Casanovas
Doctor and Bachelor of Philology. Teacher of the EU Mediterranean


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